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to try to rescue james foley and other american hostages. he was beheaded this week by the group. today chuck hagel called the attempt flawless. there was only one problem, the hostages were not there. paul joins us now with more. >> well, that's right. t white house never intended to disclose this operation, but sided to go public last night because of the number of media outlets were on the verge of reporting it. now the details remain scarce, what we do know is the rescue was over quickly, and tragically, of course, we know it was a failure. >> sometime early this summer, the u.s. reportedly stage add nighttime raid on a compound in northern syria. with cover from drones and fighter jets dozens of special forces in black hawk helicopters swooped in and fought their way to where they thought james folly and other hostages were being held. but when they got there the hostages were gone. several state fighters were killed during the fire fight, one american was lightly wounded, all the americans were flown out safely. at a pent upon proofing secretary of defense and general martin demps
. david: james foley's former employer who's been a lot of time and millions of dollars trying to get james back home, good to see you. let's talk if we can focus on the communication that you had with them. it is a chilling thought to think of communicating with these people and you actually had to do it to bring things back. can you tell us about how that communication change began? >> it began on november 26 of 2013 and it was a very simple e-mail from an untraceable address that said that they were holding james and they wanted to negotiate for his release and they wanted money fast. david: today announced that they were part of isis at the time? >> no, they did not. at no time during this process, did they talk about this. he became increasingly clear as the investigation progressed in particular as we move into early 2014 that it could only be the islamic state. but at the time that that first e-mail was received by me and the foley family, there is no indication who they were and they stated that demand and we began to respond to them. >> was the demand completely monetary? >>
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million from james foley's family before they beheaded him. the militants say they killed foley in retaliation for u.s. air strikes in iraq. u.s. policy prohibits governments from negotiating with terrorists and argue it only encourages more kidnappings. our coverage continues at 5:30 on nightly news with brian williams. a man held captive with foley is talking about their ordeal. >>> we're learning more tonight about the death of robin williams. his ashes were scattered in the san francisco bay the day after his death. that information is on the official death certificate issued by the state of california. the remains were scattered on the waters off the coast of his beloved marin county. the certificate also says the cause of death is pending investigation, although the sheriff's department has confirmed that robin williams took his own life. as a reminder now, on monday, billy crystal will pay tribute to williams during the emmy awards. you can watch the show live here on nbc bay area. it begins at 5:00. seth meyers is the host. we will reair the entire emmy broadcast at 8:00
confirms and defends its effort to rescue americans in syria including photojournalist james foley. and as we now know, that rescue failed. special forces hit the ground in northern syria earlier this summer trying to rescue four american hostages. they believe that isis militants were holding those hostages at an oil refinery. but when they got there, the hostages were not there. >> isil is a sophisticated and well funded -- as any group that we have seen -- they're beyond just a terrorist group. >> isis posted a video tuesday of foley's beheading and threatened to kill another journalist. counter-terrorism experts say isis is using kidnappings to finance its operations. >>> unpack electronics, take off jewelry or that alarm goes off. what happens when items get left behind in the airport security line? >> plus, a police chase across the city and a stolen car. the search for the suspects. >> 80 degrees and sunshine for a party. it is a downtown street party in beautiful hayward. thousands of people will come out tonight. i'll have your forecast for here and the entire bay area rig
in iraq. the islamic extremist group is taking credit for the beheading of american journalist james foley. polo sandoval has the latest from washington. >> reporter:the pentagon announced the latest round of airstrikes hit several isis targets near mosul dam. the region in northern iraq has been the focus of u-s central command forces since airstrikes started august 8th. >> reporter:while kurdish forces regained control of the dam, islamic extremist group isis will target the facility and damage it. >> reporter:both the u-s defense and state departments continue working to support iraqi security forces. >>: "we are very focused on going after isil strategically when it impacts the goals the president laid out in iraq. we are engaged very heavily right now in flighting them and helping the to build the capability of iraqis to do that." >> reporter:fueling international outrage, the beheading of american james foley at the hands of isis. >> reporter:global post, the news agency the freelance journalist worked for, says foley's captors demanded a 132-million dollar ransom. >> reporter:u-s at
are learning more about the demands of isis before they beheaded american photojournalist james wright foley. isis demanded $132 million for james wright foley before he was killed according to several u.s. sources. two journalist whose were held with james wright foley were freed after france paid $18 million ransom. the obama administration says despite james wright foley's death the u.s. will not reconsider its refusal to pay ransom to terrorists. >> we have had this policy for a very long time. it is in place to protect our citizens and not provide terrorists with the funding they need. >> it is not clear whether another american journalist is still alive. isis threatened to kill him if the united states didn't stop air strikes in iraq. >>> man from central california is the latest person to contract west nile virus and become ill. the 20-year-old thinks he got it from a mosquito bite while fishing on the river. he went to the hospital three times before doctors figured out he had west nile virus. by then he was so sick he was in the hospital for 9 days. and he also says she lucky to --
surrounding the horrific murder of american journalist james wright foley. >>> i'll talk to another journalist who was held by extremists and get his perspective. there's a reason it's called an "all you can eat" buffet... and not a "have just a little" buffet. because what we all really want is more. that's why verizon is giving you even more. now, for a limited time, get more data! 1 gb of bonus data every month with every new smartphone or upgrade. our best ever pricing with the more everything plan and 50% off all new smartphones. like the htc one m8 for windows or android. built to inspire envy. come get your more with verizon. >>> missouri governor jay nixon, his thoughts on the situation in ferguson 12 days after michael brown was shot and killed by police. an indepth interview with him ahead. >>> there's this breaking news from our reporter at the i love ferguson event. school board president has announced school absolutely will be open. "we are prepared for school on monday and really excited about that." [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, a medium macchiato, and two espres
emerge of attempts to journalist,rican james foley. defeatat will it take to the islamic state now? we're on front lines with iraqi forces who are in the thick of battle. and calling it a miraculous day. his colleagueand infected with ebola are released from hospital and declared free virus. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. the u.s. defense secretary the threat posed by the islamic state as beyond anything we have seen. he was speaking as details emerge about the murder of american journalist james foley by militants. we begin with this report from the bbc's international correspondent. hunt is on for the man who murdered james foley. every detail of the gruesome of his killing will be scoured for clues, with the mi-5 and others leading the search. james foley was an experienced front-line reporter. this is some of the footage he shot. he'd worked in libya, iraq and syria. he captured wasn't just the heat of battle, but those humanity as often run through the most hostile of environments. children anden and makeshift bomb shelters. james fole
for the release of james foley. the man who communicated with his captors joins us tonight. let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight the breaking news. we have new information about officer darren wilson's injuries the day he shot and killed mike brown. a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation tells cnn that darren wilson had a, quote, swollen face and that he went to the hospital to be treated for that injury. x-rays were taken. but -- and this is crucial -- the source tells cnn that darren wilson did not have a fractured eye socket. that contradicts reports from other news organizations. so will a swollen face save darren wilson from indictment? we have a full report on this as well as that crucial kill shot to mike brown's head. but first we go to the ground in ferguson and our stephanie elam. a group starting to gather at the location where michael brown was shot and killed. what is the mood tonight? >> right. if you look out here, you can see that people are out here. they're gathering. you can see the location where mike brown was sho
of american journalist james foley, giving way to anger the administration's tepid response to the islamic state a barbaric savage murder. president obama back on the golf course in martha's vineyard today, despite being broadly criticized for his decision yesterday to go directly to golf course within moments of delivering a somber speech about foley's death. >> there is no way that the to the should have been stupid enough to go play golf, not only did he insult the foley family, but he sense message to tha to e ladist militant -- jihadist militants he does not take it seriously. >> someone made a mistake, they should have said, the president will go out make a come, let's get the tee time tomorrow or in 4 or 5 hours, rather than 8 lynn 8 minutes later. later. lou: not just the president's display of awkward las of grace -- lack of sensitivity and lack of grace in dealing with the beheading of james foley. but the white house failure to act, some upset that they chose to try to rescue foley and other american hostages and failed, an admission some say is helpful to our enemies, and it ma
to think it could get worse, but it is. right after beheading james foley in that horrific video, isis threatening that other american journalist sotloff will be next. this woman has met with the family in miami. she joins us. good evening. >> thank you, greta. i'm just going to talk briefly about my limited role in this case. i had the opportunity to meet with steven's parents in miami as well as in d.c. and had a phone conversation with them. we have kept in touch with the state department, with the fbi, cia, national security council, the white house. they have all been keeping the family abreast. and the family has wanted to be very low key, private. they have made limited statements. the mom today said he's alive. so that's very good news. and then the boyfriend of the sister just said sign the petition and and pray. and so what i can say is that i just can't imagine as a mother and as a grandmother the kind of ordeal that this has been for the family. it's almost a year to the day when i met with them and debbie wasserman schultz and ted deitch have also been helping,
lowering the ladder. no students were hurt. >>> pope francis called the family of james foley today to express their loss. abc news reporter, karen travers is has more. >> reporter: the mission to rescue james foley and other hostages in syria. >> the mission was executed flawlessly after a significant period of preparation, planning and rehearsal. and, it turned out the hostages were no longer at that location. >> intelligence doesn't come wrapped in a package with a bow. >> reporter: chuck hagel says it u.s. expects isis to regroup and stage a new offensive. >> we are staging a long term strategy against isil. >> reporter: there's an open criminal investigation into foley's murder. >> people will be held accountable, one way or the other. >> reporter: isis demanded a ransom of $130 million in exchange for foley's release. >> we do not make concessions to terrorists. we do not pay ransom. >> reporter: the ceo of global post, the news organization he was working for never took seriously the isis demands for payment. >> we did everything we could, as did the family. >> reporter: one
of american journalist james foley. we are going to play only a short poergs of the video to hear his british accent. >> this is james wright foley, an american citizen of your country. >> nobody who does that has loyalty to any land or value beyond the islamist for which he has a ready hand in atrocity. the man is thought to be the ring leader, referred to as the beetles who guarded many foreign hostages. according to the guardian he nicknamed himself john after john lennon. that person said the three british islamists were abusive, frequently beating prisoners. the challenge to the united states, how to deal with the building threat. do we treat isis as a criminal enterprise and look for individuals like are j. edgar hoover went looking for communists or do we use secretary kerry's word and crush the motley crew of them. is this a man hunt or war? bobby gosh is here from quartz. thanks for joining us for your views about the people coming from places like london. i assume they are radical islamist people who believe in killing anyone who doesn't share your own look at things. what do you kn
held captive with james foley now speaks out. >>> the survivor of the american doctor we watched come home and enter the hospital who was once near death from ebola, today he walked out of quarantine. tonight we hear his story for the first time. >>> vanishing, an icon for the american west. the fears for its continued survival as a favorite vacation spot is disappearing before our very eyes. >>> and for love of the game, the team giving chicago's south side a big reason to cheer tonight. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. the question was raised at the pentagon today at the very top, the secretary of defense, if this terrorist group isis is capable of what we have seen so far, the rampant violence and gruesome killings, most recently the awful execution of an american journalist carried out on camera, then what risk does isis perhaps pose to the united states? the answer from the boss at the pentagon today indicates it's a question the u.s. is concerned about. and in a violent
for the brutal killers that took the life of james foley. the three, mysterious figures believed to be behind the brutal killing. one of the men with what seemed to be a british accent. and now, the urgent worry about another american hostage and the details on the mission that failed. abc's brian ross, with us tonight. >> reporter: with growing concern about the fate of a second u.s. hostage, steven sotloff, u.s. officials, today, defended the failed special forces rescue attempt into syria on the july 4th weekend. >> the mission was executed flawlessly after significant period of planning and rehearsal. and it turned out the hostages were no longer at that location. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the secret, nighttime mission was launched with several dozen special operations troops, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters with surveillance drones overhead. some 15 i.s.i.s. fighters were believed to be killed. >> and the united states will not relent on our efforts to bring our citizens home and their captors to justice. >> reporter: the u.s. rescue mission was launched after it became clear t
james foley before murdering him. and we have new details on the failed rescue mission. reports from margaret brennan and bob orr. the governor pulls the national guard out of ferguson. vladimir duthiers rides along with the man in charge of security. mark strassman talks to the parents of the young man fatally shot by a white cop. >> reporter: what did you tell him about dealing with police officers? >> schieffer: chip reid on virginia's former governor and the political corruption trial turned soap opera. and vinita nair with the whale that's become an internet sensation. >> reporter: what's he doing with those kids? >> he's really playing with them. he's playing peekaboo. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening. scott's on assignment for "60 minutes." i'm bob schieffer. the government said today that the islamic terrorists who behead the american journalist james foley had demanded $132 million in ransom. the demands were made to his employer and his family over the last year. u.s. policy, of course, does not allow p
>> schieffer: ton ransom the u.s. refused to p isis demanded a fortune for journalist james foley before murdering him. and we have new details on the8. failed rescue mission. reports from margaret brennan and bob orr. the governor pulls the national guard out of ferguson. vladimir duthiers ridesng ç< y ngsh m cop. >> you tell w pol officers? >> schieffer: chip reid on virginia's forme the politictrial an interne thist'onignm behead the.#ed $132 the demands were made to his employer and his family over the u.s. policy, ofallow paying theew o threat posed by de the failed attempt to rescue foley. we have more on the story now from margaret brennan at the pentagon. >> reporter: the hostages including foley and three others, were thought to be at specirces cbzommandos d kied oea onÑo tracki hostages for months and was ransom requests fromsis. defense secret told rep issioned becast and ooll we leaders there might p rescue efforto
about what might happen if and when they come home. the voice james foley heard was his killer's, he said it probably belonged to a man that was british. >>s far too many british citizens. the u.s. says dozens of americans have stream stood syria to. >> from america. and 22 years old. >> he was one of them, he left behind his chilling message, before he carried out a suicide mission in syria, earlier this year. >> many muslims. >> their motivation vary. >> one of the reason ares that it and be attracted to +t islamic state, is because they don't have any local ties so that they can commit acts of violence against people in ^t region, without any headation, if you like, or any concern that might p a friend of their cause can sin. >> some seeking an identity and purpose, and they find it in what they think is service to islam. as this video shot by vice news in syria shows. >> u.s. says it will push the u.n. to have international standards. but stopping citizens from traveling there to fight, will be hard. >> they go to a different country, and make their way from the third country to
and suspend accounts related to images surrounding the execution of james foley. twitter has been a place where all of this has been possible, but is it going to be that way in the future? >> it is interesting, because they have been making noises about trying to be more algorithmic, trying to extend their popularity to a broader user base. not all week's arrest packed with news as this week. withl weeks are as packed news as this week. i love the fact that we have two social media windows into the world that take different approaches and really complement each other. facebook -- mark zuckerberg wants to be a window to the world. [indiscernible] is facebook failing at becoming the portal for news or is it just a different kind of news? >> it just highlights the challenge of being all things to all people. the algorithm is weighted towards what people want to read. there are reasons why the cat videos and the ice bucket challenge do well. people are watching them. the funniest thing i saw all week was the ice bucket fail video i saw on facebook about five times. twitter probably did not of
in america. we have all seen the sorrowful images of the innocent photojournalist, james foley, await ao kneel and savage execution. the merciless killer was apparently british. in this case, we were seeing a radicalized british subject behead an american citizen in iraq. among other questions that come to mind, how many other jihadists out there are carrying western passports? what mission might isis have for them? the danger of isis for the united states and other western nations may still strike some people as a little remote. but for many americans, of course, just about the last thing we want to think about is more conflict in iraq and what that might involve. but we better get on top of this crisis by every means necessary, because event are moving fast and the price is only going to go up from here. we have come to one of those moments when american action will be decisive, and inaction inaction -- inaction will be consequential. there used to be a bipartisan tradition in american foreign policy, a basic willingness to unite in fundamental matters of security. if anything is left
journalist james foley. we have fox team coverage. the optics behind the president's response. we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon. and details of what had been a highly classified mission to rescue american hostages. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, chris. that's right. the mission had been top-secret until it leaked out yesterday. now we've learned the rescue attempt took place over the july 4th time frame, a mix of tier one special operators launched a daring mission that ultimately failed. senior military officials say multiple helicopters covered by u.s. jet fighters and surveillance drones overhead flew in from an undisclosed neighboring country, dropping the special operators near an isis compound in eastern syria, in the town of raka, an isis strong hold. chuck hagel said he regretted the mission failed giving this assessment of foley's captors. >> they marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. they are tremendously well funded. this is beyond anything that we've seen. >> reporter: the american
of james foley, we take a deeper look at the islamic state militants-- their brutal campaign of forced conversion, kidnapping and execution and its recruitment of american and european fighters. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. gwen ifill is away. also ahead this thursday, bank of america agrees to pay a record $17-billion for selling risky mortgage-backed securities before the financial crisis of 2008. plus, after surviving ebola, americans treated at emory hospital are able to leave and return home. >> today is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. >> woodruff: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> i've been around long enough to recognize the people who are out there owning it. the ones getting involved, staying engaged. they are not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is, "how did i end up here?" i started schwab with those people. people who want to take ownership of their inve
to save an american hostage before he was executed by isis. >>> and tonight, a man held captive with james foley now speaks out. >>> the survivor of the american doctor we watched come home and enter the hospital who was once near death from ebola, today he walked out of quarantine. tonight we hear his story for the first time. >>> vanishing, an icon for the american west. the fears for its continued survival as a favorite vacation spot is disappearing before our very eyes. >>> and for love of the game, the team giving chicago's south side a big reason to cheer tonight. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in
execution of captured american journalist james foley. officials here now admit the group had demanded a ransom for foley last year. his captors wanted more than $130 million. the u.s. of course has a long-standing policy against paying ransoms. a secret mission to rescue him failed last month. attorney general eric holder says the justice department is launching a criminal investigation into his death. >> after a night of relative calm my sorrow's governor is ordering the national guard to begin withdrawing from ferguson. since an officer shot and killed 18 year old michael brown almost two weeks ago the nights have brought continual protests and often violence. brown was not armed. but police say he attacked the officer. a grand jury is now determining if charges will be filed against that officer darrin wilson. the grand jury's decision is not expected for a the least a mon month. >> the two americans being treated for ebola are both out of the hospital tonight. one is speaking out dr. kent brantly says today is a miraculous us will day. official claim that are release poses no pub
. >>> today defense secretary defended a failed rescue operation to save james foley and other hostages. last month u.s. special operations forces in helicopters swarmed a compound in syria. they engaged in a fierce gun battle before they determined the hostages were not on site. hagual says the intelligence for such missions in his words doesn't come wrapped in a package with a bow. >>> before reporting in syria james foley was here in the district and had a journalism training program in a d.c. news room connected with northwestern university. chris gordon has more with how foley's death impacted the school. >> reporter: this is the medill news room. in 2007 james foley was a student here. professor ellen sheerer who teaches journalism and national security says foley was always special. >> jim was a magical student from beginning until end. he was very directed. he knew what he wanted. he had a passion for conflict reporting. >> reporter: james foley was a freelance foreign correspondent. he was captured in libya in 2011 and held 44 days. after his release he went to syria. here at the med
an investigation is being washed into the beheading of journalist james foley. >> we have long memories and our reach is wide. we will not forget what happened and people will be held accountable. one way or the other. >> critics claim the white house's reluctance has emboldened the islamic state terrorists who taunt the u.s. on social media. >> they actually take pictures of their atrocities and posted them online calling it a preview of what we can expect in america. >> forces are vowing another hostage will be next. today in florida, his mother remained guarded but said her son is alive. no one inside of the white house is commenting on whether a rescue attempt may be made. top-secret mission earlier this summer was launched involving such units as delta force and navy seals. dozens of forces went to a base where they were believed to be held, only to discover the hostages had been moved. hagel defended the white house decision to reveal the rescue attempt sank news organizations had some information to reveal. thered commanders told us white house should have said no comment. rather than re
. the strikes came after the islamic state released a video of the beheading of american journalist james foley and threatened to kill another u.s. journalist if the airstrikes don't stop. on wednesday, obama vowed to continue the fight against the militants, who are also known as isil. talks united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and relentless. when people harm americans anywhere, we do what is necessary to see that justice is isil,nd we act against standing alongside others. >> obama administration officials have revealed u.s. special operations forces tried and failed to free james foley and other hostages during a secret raid early -- earlier in syria this summer. the team of commandos battled islamic state militants, but did not find any hostages. it is the first confirmed use of u.s. ground troops in syria since the civil war began. "the new york times" reports the u.s. also refused to pay a multimillion dollar ransom for foley's release. james foley's parents spoke to reporters on wednesday after the u.s. government confir
the beheading of journalist james foley was posted online. the militants threatened to kill another american reporter. the u.s. attorney general said the criminal investigation into fully's -- into james foley's death will begin. tributes have been flooding in from around the world. of james foleyg has prompted widespread horror. among the reactions, a former print cost -- a former french hostage that was held with james fully in syria. determined to stay optimistic, to keep his spirits and ours up. >> the united states says a andue mission to save foley other hostages this summer failed. that disclosure is the first time u.s. has revealed its troops have been fighting isis on the ground. barack obama urged a united effort against islamic extremism. >> the governments and peoples across the middle east, there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. a clears to be rejection of these nihilistic ideologies. one thing we can all agree on is a group like isil has no place in the 21st century. murderer thought to be a british national, david cameron says there must
militants would breach the dam and flood baghdad. one video showed the beheading of james foley i militants. rebecca cooper will have the latest on all of that for you at 6:00. >> coming up right now, two years after an honor student was killed inside her home, investigators say they have reason to be optimistic. >> and a major american religious group is throwing cold water on the als ice bucket challenge. lines arendary redrawn. what it means for students and families. >> god saved my life. from ebola. the american missionaries who contracted ebola are out of the hospital tonight. >> they are calling their recovery nothing short of a miracle. greta kreuz has their emotional story for us tonight. >> considering their families were planning funerals three weeks ago, this is remarkable. was discharged on tuesday. can't brantly held a press conference today before he left. >> today is a miraculous day. spoke todayly publicly for the first time. >> i am thrilled to be a alive and well and to be reunited with my family. ago, he arrived at emory university hospital in atlanta for treatment of th
, speaking about james foley, the american journalist who was beheaded by islamic state, also talking about a possible rescue can mission that was taken earlier this summer, and the demands the group made before killing folly. also the lawyer from michael brown's family talks to us about the investigation into the death, and the reaction, and we will have on ^t two americans released from the hospital after recovering ebola, i all of that and more coming up. haiti, october 2010, at a hospital in a small, rural town north of the capital. these were the first victims of a horrific, unknown disease in a country still reeling from a devastating earthquake. patients were dying in the space of a few hours. children were especially vulnerable. al jazeera was the first news channel on the scene. in the following days and weeks we tracked the epidemic as it
with the threat made by that one isis militant who killed james foley. >> moments before beheading james foley, his executioner, an isis terrorist warns of more attacks on americans. >> any attempt by you, obama, to deny the muslims their rights of living in safety under the islamic caliphate result in the blood shed of your people. >> tonight, new indications that isis cos harm more americans and others in the west. a u.s. intelligence official tells cnn they have indications of isis cells in europe which could attack u.s. embassies and other american interests. the official says it's not clear if those terrorists were ordered by isis or if they went on their own. an isis fighter threatened the west telling reuters "we have also penetrated them with those who look like them. does isis have sells in america? former cia officer bob baer believes they do. >> i have been told with no uncertainty there there are isis esleeper cells in this country. >> but two u.s. officials tell cnn they have no indication of isis cells inside america right now. still they are very concerned that isis fighters wit
were released about a failed mission to save james foley, and other american hostages in syria. we'll debate it next on "the five." @" >>> following news of the brutal execution of james foley at the hands of isis, the obama administration revealed special operations team tried and failed to rescue the american journalist as well as other hostages. the secret mission took the special operators into syria this past summer. some critics are outraged about the operation, details they say should have been kept quiet. >> i can't remember in recent memory when we had on-the-record confirmation from the pentagon and from the white house about a mission that was not successful. >> we really shouldn't talk about these operations, and certainly an operation like this is no reason to disclose it. >> i think this is a stunning breach of security for the united states. obviously ordered by the white house. this is exactly the sort of thing that should remain completely confidential for 50 years. number one. because it tells people what we tried to do. number two, it's an admission of failure. >
papantonio. coming up, what the murder of james foley means for u.s. operations in iraq and first, new developments out of ferguson. we will talk to st. louis alderman antonio french. keep it here. we're right back. rom anything? or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] during the cadillac summer's best event, lease this 2014 ats for around $299 a month. hurry in -- this exceptional offer ends soon. ♪ hurry in -- this exceptional offer ends soon. so what we're looking for is a way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle. good job kyle. you just made partner. our best-ever pricing on mobile share value plans for business. now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add. >> each night i've seen a turning point
to the end of the u.s. air strikes. >> reporter: journalist james foley's employer says his fate became apparent whip when strikes gap in iraq. the ceo says isis sent an angry e-mail to foley's family last week, promising to kill him. >> just a statement that they were going to execute. >> reporter: but not all isis wanted. captorses demanded a ransom of more than $130 million. the u.s. does not pay to win the release of its kidnapped steps but some european countries do. >> when they pay these ransoms are funding people taking others hostage and killing scores of people. >> reporter: isis threatened to kill another host am, "time" magazine journalist, steven sotloff, if u.s. air strikes don't stop. wednesday, the white house revealed special forces trying to rescue foley and other host alps last moment but they couldn't find the captives ghoechlt in a firefight with islamic militant bus no american forces were killed. >> do everything kweetz president has said to rescue these hostages, knowing that their police officers in danger. >> reporter: obama administration vows to find foley's
taped execution of captured american journalist james foley. officials here now admit the group had demanded a ransom for foley last year. his captors wanted more than $130 million. the us has a long standing policy against paying ra ransom. a secret mission to rescue him to failed last month. attorney general eric holder says the justice department is now launching a criminal investigation into his death. >> new controversy in ferguson missouri a police officer is caught on video threatening to kill protesters. we want to warn you some of the language is pretty rough. >> video shows st. louis lieutenant ray labors pointing semi-automatic assignment rival at some members of the media and peaceful protesters. it happened just before midnig midnight. the town has seen nightly violent protests in the fake of the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. police say labors has been suspended indefinitely. >> meantime missouri governor orders the national guard to begin withdrawing from ferguson. the guard got there on monday to try and gain control of violent protests. police say
brought murder journalist james foley home alive. >>> a day of rage planned for tonight in front of the white ho for the next hour and half you'll notice pictures on the right side of your screen. they're missing children. take a good look. if you have any information on them, help us bring them home. call the number on your screen. jan. >>> right now demonstrators are planning a day of rage with protests outside the white house and in dozens of cities. the demonstrations are in response to the police killing of 18-year-old michael brown earlier this month in ferguson missouri. wusa 9 has a crew monitoring the events at the white house to bring you live reports at 7:00 and 11:00. marley hall is live from missouri calling for protesters in the case to step aside. >> you don't stop a person from going into a building. >> these protesters met resistance as they tried to deliver petitions calling for the removal of bob mcula from the michael brown case. after the brief confrontation, organizers were allowed to deliver the documents which they say c
that isis terrorists demanded last year in e-mails to the parents of kidnapped journalist james foley nine months before they beheaded him in a video released this week. that ransom is much higher and that leads to speculation that isis never intended to release foley. one former hostage says he recognizes the executioner as the ring leader of a group of british jihadists who guarded foreign captives. those hostages nicknamed them the beatles. they hide in plain sight and hand crooks the key to your money. fairfax county police are trying to set down a new set of atm skimming suspects. news 4's pat collins is at one of the banks that has been hit with new video of the men who are behind the new scam. >> reporter: wait until you see these surveillance pictures. these guys are big and bold. they are out there doing their crooked little thing like the camera wasn't there. rare surveillance pictures of skimming suspects at atms trying to steal financial information so they can tap into your bank account. they make no attempt to hide their faces. they linger in front of the atms for a long time
with them. the u.s. continues to bomb their positions in northern iraq. >> james foley's killer, tell us more about what we know and what authorities are doing to track him down. >> basically, there are two lines of investigation. one is the close analysis of the video, the so-called execution video. investigators will be looking at voice analysis, they will be looking at where the video was shot, the quality of it. the detail that might give them clues about who the person in the video might be and who is behind this killing. british intelligence might have some idea about who this person is. they're speaking to some of the former hostages who were held alongside james foley and other journalists that have been killed. they were able to provide some quite vital information. this is a man who hails from london. a long investigation going into this inquiry. >> how concerned is it about britain's fighting alongside of chi hotties? are we talking about hundreds? >> it is turning out to be a major issue for the british government. there could be as many as four or 500 british chi hotties fig
. the temperatures are rising in wake of that gruesome murder of james foley. >> mike, i want to ask you how this plays politically, both in terms of the beheading but also the briefing at the pent gone, does that give the administration more cover politically, should they decide to escalate and provide more direct action in syria. >> well, it's difficult to tell. there no group maz or think on the opposition to come up with their talking points. we do know that john mccain, for example, who has support add more robust reaction, the islamic state fighters within iraq, has stood up and applauded so far what the president has done, a leading general now retired, general john allen who led afghan forces or american forces or international forces within afghanistan over the last several years. has come out supporting a more robust fight. of is, is, rick perry, the governor of texas, a speak here today the conservative think tank, he also had stood up and applauded the more robust spoors and the pomming of those is, il or islamic state groups although he is calling for more. so political oppositi
of staff general martin dempsey on the brutal murder of american james foley by the terrorists of isis in iraq. i want to go straight to the white house correspondent michelle kaczynski, she joins us from martha's vineyard where president obama is currently vacationing. a lot of questions remain about this failed mission to try to rescue foley. what are you learning? >> that's true. then again, a lot of details have come out, a lot more detail than the obama administration says they wanted to get out there. so there are some pointed questions today from cnn's barbara starr, why did the defense department officially agree to release some of these details once they knew that reporters got them and was that reason enough to allow those details to be officialized in the media. wasn't that putting it any future possible attempts at risk. the response was as long as the sources and methods weren't revealed, they thought it was okay. i thought it was interesting they called this a couple of times a flawless operation. there was planning and preparation and rehearsal that went into it, but it
about? >> no. >> cnn. i would like to ask you about the murder of journalist james foley. i was interested in what role the justice department plays in the investigation of that, if you are trying to identify the specific individual, if there are any suspects, if you are looking at the leadership that might be involved in this. also, i was interested in what role the justice department may have played, if any, in negotiations for mr. foley's release and the rescue efforts. >> first, let me just say that we are as appalled -- i am as appalled by the brutal murder of jim foley as all the rest of us are. it was heartbreaking to see his parents yesterday, who showed a composure that from my perspective was almost incomprehensive, and my heart goes out to them. the justice department is actively pursuing this case. we have an open criminal investigation. those who perpetrate such acts need to understand something. this justice department, this department of defense, this nation, we have a long memories and our reach is very wide. we will not forget what happened, and people will
for james foley. the u.s. refused to pay. ultimately the company itself paid millions in attempts to find him. stewart, it looks like we don't have the sound byte from global post, but i can paraphrase it by saying what changed for the isis hostage takers was when the bombing, the u.s. bombing of iraq began. that's when they started threatening james foley in suggesting he would be killed. u.s. military sources tell me the rescue team was on the ground longer than expected. when they got to the first compound, the hostages weren't there, but there was evidence they were there just days before. they extracted information at the first compound and then decided to go to a second location where they got into a firefight. one u.s. aviator was injured. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon with the latest on what we just heard from that press conference. jennifer, thank you very much, indeed. >>> i would garden tooe yuarant your last guest just said about coming into isis in america, i guarantee you that they are here. i have worked in the desert and caught these people before and i have seen kor
, james foley. prime minister david cameron has said the masked map in the video is likely british. language experts also say his accent suggests he is from the london area. foley was killed by a member of isis after beingky kidnapped two years ago. his murder was videotaped. officials say the terror group isis demanded $132 million from foley's family. this surge the u.s. unsuccessfully tried to rescue foley and other hostages. >>> two doctors have been discharged from an atlanta hospital. dr. kept brantly was leased today. nancy wright boll was leased tuesday. the two no longer have the virus in their blood and pose no health rings. at 4:45, you will hear from dr. braptly, who spoke about his recovery today. >>> now to the unrest in ferguson, missouri. "time" magazine today revealed this week's cover, the headline reading the tragedy in ferguson, the picture she is young man kneeling amount ground with his hands over his head. >>> another night of protests in ferguson last night, but far fewer arrest. this as a grand jury begins hearing evidence in the shooting death of 18-year-o
. >>> we are tracking new developments in the gruesome execution in american journalist james foley. the terror group isis demanded ransom. foley's employer says the demand was made late last fall a full year after the reporter was kidnapped. a former hostage says he recognizes the executioner seen on the tape. he tells "the guardian" that the man is the ring leader of three british jihadists. the captives nickname the guards the beatles because of their british accents. >>> u.s. air strikes are again targeting the militants in northern iraq. the strikes damaged several humvies and road side bombs. >> governor nixon ordered the national guard to withdraw from ferguson. violence sparked by a controversial police shooting has subsided but the investigations into the death of 18-year-old michael brown are far from over. leanne gregg is live in ferguson with the latest. >> reporter: the governor says the withdrawal of the military will be systematic and coordinated with the highway patrol. protesters in the community say there are still many unresolved issues. signs of de-escalation in
to bring home american journalist, james foley. foley was gone, according to u.s. officials, when the special forces landed in the desert and battled they're their way to this oil refinery near raqqa where they hoped to find foley and perhaps other americans held hostage by isis. weeks later, we now know james foley is dead. his shocking execution having stirred both deep concern and anger among americans. as we await secretary chuck hagel and joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey at the pentagon, we'll bring that live, let me pursue another strand to the story. because a story -- the story out today says ransoms paid by european governments to isis have become one of the terror group's biggest sources of income. did you realize that? perhaps their biggest source of income at all, and that is where they're getting their money, from ransoms with these hostages. i want you to take a listen to this interview, this gentleman from erin burnett "outfront." >> kidnappings are working. the al-qaeda affiliates have raised $125 million from kidnappings in the last five years, $60 million al
journalist james foley, murdered at the hands of islamic terrorists. they cut off his head. then put it on youtube for all the world to see. and now attorney general eric holder has revealed the justice department is launching a criminal investigation and we are expecting to hear soon from chuck hagel and the chairman of the joint staff. and one of the questions i would wonder they will touch on is the criticism at the attempt at one point to try to free foley. we are learning more about that. the attempt to try to bring him home. an intelligent source says investigators are analyzing the voice on youtube to help determine his identity. the militant seemed to have a british accent on that tape. and u.k. prime minister david cameron said the terrorist is likely british. according to the guardian newspaper, a former prisoner of isis says the militant appears to be one of several british terrorists who guarded hostages inside syria. the former prisoner says hostages had nicknamed the group the beatle. the officials say the u.s. sent special operations forces into syria this summer to tr
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